Track the Progress of Affordable Housing Plans Throughout the Bay Area

The data on the Housing Readiness Report provides you with the latest information on the Bay Area's communities and their plans to address the affordable housing crisis — with a specific focus on addressing racial and economic equity.

See if your city is on track to meet its affordable housing needs

Every decade, city and county governments throughout California plan for future housing in our communities.
Our Process

Tracking 2023-2031 Housing Goals

We provide the latest information on how the Bay Area’s cities and counties are responding to the need for affordable housing in California. We track the California Department of Housing & Community Development’s data on Bay Area cities and their 2023-2031 affordable housing goals - called Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) - and how they plan to meet these goals via their local housing plans - called Housing Elements.
Housing Elements
Every decade, cities and counties plan for their future housing needs with input from community members. These plans, called Housing Elements, include strategies and locations to build affordable housing.
Affordable Housing Goals & Production
Housing plans begin at state (Regional Housing Needs Allocation or RHNA), which requires regions to plan for new housing development to meet local housing needs across all incomes levels.
Housing Policies & Programs
Jurisdictions are required by the state to include specific policies and programs in their Housing Elements that enable them to meet their housing goals.
Housing Recognitions
Achievements and setbacks are associated with certain cities and counties based on their success in meeting affordable housing goals and adopting a state certified housing element.

California’s Local Housing Planning Timeline

Housing Elements are developed every 8 years. We are currently in the 6th cycle, which plans for housing through the years 2023 - 2031.
The planning process for addressing housing needs in your community starts with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) determining how many homes should be planned - based on direction from the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) - to meet local and regional housing needs (Regional Housing Needs Allocation) and ends with your local elected officials passing a Final Housing Element.

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